Welcome to Mahapurush Nyahari Niwas – Devbagh – Tarkarli

The bottom region of Konkan is a region of natural beauty and mesmerizing tourist spots. Tarkarli and Devbag are blessed with extraordinary beauty. It is as if God created Konkan and felt something was amiss. He then created Tarkarli and Devbag and increased the beauty of Konkan manifold. These two twin villages are clean, quiet, and picturesque and are nothing short of a heaven on earth.

Both these villages are a stone’s throw from Malvan. To the west, the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea and to the east, the Karla creek which meanders through the Western Ghats like a winding road make it a visual treat to the visitors.

The soft calm creek that flows into the estuary and the raging waves that hit the sandy beaches make a triangular part of land known as God’s garden or Devachi Bag – aka Devbag.

The point where the creek flows into the sea is called as Mobar, a place to beckon. On the other side of the creek is the village Nevali. The lush green hills of Bhogle village and its surrounding catch the visitors in its wake.

A place that will make you realize what nature’s true beauty is. The road that runs zig-zag through dense plantations of Coconuts, Mangoes, Cashews, Jackfruits, and Betel nuts. Typical traditional houses, that line up on both the sides of the road are dreamlike and will leave any visitor spellbound. This is the place that will help anyone forget all tensions and stress and become aligned with nature, recharge and rejuvenate.

The blue waters, the soft silver sands, and the soft caressing sounds of the sea as it washes up the shore are the most sought-after things while on a beach vacation. Clear blue waters and a ship or two that dot the horizon offer the visitors a magical experience to create memories that they can cherish for life.

All the resorts and homestays in the region are well equipped to provide tourists with the experience that will make them visit as often as they can. A traditional homestay provides a typical village home experience and you can couple it with authentic Malvani cuisine in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian variety. A definite recommendation is a traditional sweet and sour drink called ‘Solkadhi’

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Spending a few days here is dreamlike. You are riding the waves of the sea and cruising along the slow flow of the creek – a treat to calm the mind. The beauty of the confluence of the Mobar region will bring peace and harmony to your mind. Watching this on a moonlit night makes you believe a river of diamonds flows into the sea.

The moonlight and the sea are bound to make you hum a famous Marathi song “Toch chandrama nabhat, tich chaitra Yamini” as the cool breeze gently caresses your face while you listen to the hypnotic rhythm of the seawater crashing on the soft sands.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at these wonderful and picturesque twin villages where the resorts or homestays are offering you a slice of your own heaven – each time you visit.