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Mahapurush Nyahari Niwas

A Great Stay Compared To Other Hotels In Devbag Malvan

Hello, my name is Satyawan Raool. I own and operate a homestay resort by the name of ‘Mahapurush Homestay’ in Devbag. Through this very beautiful and luxurious property, we provide bed and breakfast service to tourists and vacationers who come to Malvan and south Konkan areas. I believe that God always gives us his blessings and hence I have named my homestay property as ‘Mahapurush Homestay’ literally translated as divine human.

This homestay is just 12 KM from Malvan city and 6 KM from Tarkarli MTDC resort. After crossing the Ranjan Khalge or the natural potholes (a series of pit formation in the rocks) and coming to the dockside, and climbing a small sand hillock brings you into Devbag village. The moment one enters, the feeling of entering something different and picturesque grips you. The natural beauty of the region keeps you mesmerized till you reach the Vitthal temple. From here, you can enjoy the sea and the creek both at the same time. A little further is very old and reputed ‘Mahapurush’ temple on which our homestay is named.

The concept of homestay:

I am in the tourism industry since 2012. Tourists started to prefer Devbag after the famous Tarkarli. One evening, a family from Pune was on their way back after seeing the Mobar confluence. They still were not fully satisfied with their trip and were keen to explore the village as well. Incidentally, they met me and explained their desire of staying in a local home rather than a resort hotel to experience the local culture and heritage. Naturally, I invited them to stay at my house, which was equipped with the necessities and large enough to house the family easily. The family loved their stay and were extremely happy with the hospitality that we offered. This is how we started offering a part of our home as a homestay property. Initially, we had just three rooms that we were offering to the visitors. However, as we saw a steady flow of tourists and the requirements increased, we now have five air-conditioned rooms ready to serve tourists all around the year.

Key features of our homestay:

  • Creek and beach are a mere 2 KM of walking distance from our homestay
  • Five fully air-conditioned self-contained rooms
  • Large room 12 X 13 hall, 10 X 5 bathrooms, spacious gallery
  • Wooden bed, TV, Fan and dressing table in the rooms
  • Hot and cold water available in the bathroom
  • Very large open space outside the homestay rooms
  • Children’s play accessories such as swing and open space for kids to run around
  • Separate kitchen and dining hall where tourists can even participate in cooking special Malvani delicacies
  • Vehicles available to commute within the village (on demand) at extra cost

Special Malvani Meals


Rice, Dal, two Vegetables, Roti, Solkadhi, Curd, Pickle, Papad, and Sweet


Fish Curry, Fish Fry, Oyster curry, and other seafood delicacies

Breakfast and Snacks

Poha, Upma, Ghavan (pancake) Chutney, Idli Chutney, Paratha etc. items are available

Tourist attractions nearby:

  • Backwater (creek) – 2 KM
  • Mobar confluence – 1 KM
  • Tsunami Island – 15 mins by boat
  • Dolphin watching, Scuba diving, and other water sports are also available at reasonable costs
  • Boat ride to Golden rock, Signal point, Mobar Nivati beach, Lighthouse etc can also be arranged

What can you expect and experience?

  • The live experience of fishing
  • Bonfire and night camp
  • Prepare Malvani dishes with your own hand

Check in: 10:30 AM

Check out: 10:00 AM

(3 days stay package)